We are a non-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) dedicated to serving those in need who are found in marginal rural, semi-urban and urban areas of Bolivia.

Our Institution was founded the 6th of January, 2000, in the City of Viacha, Province of Ingavi, State of La Paz, Republic of Bolivia; constituting itself legally under the name, ASSOCIATION FOR LOCAL SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT “SUMA JAYMA,” under Prefect Resolution in the year 2003, followed by obtaining full legal standing in 2004.

Our organization is comprised of Aymara indigenous persons from the Bolivian Andean High Plains “Altiplano”; we know first-hand the difficult situations faced by our people and, for this reason, we are moved to help them in meeting their most basic needs in life.
Your donations help us fight against the extreme poverty of our brothers.